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Empty Handed Documentary


Empty Handed Documentary


Coordinated the production of a documentary about the challenges faced by Ugandan women who seek family planning. 

Role: Production Coordinator
Organization: PAI


Project Background: 

Over 200 million women who live in developing countries around the world don`t have access to contraception. Every year, this leads to an estimated 74 million unintended pregnancies. 52 million of these pregnancies could be averted if all the modern contraceptive needs would be met. 

Empty Handed is a documentary that zooms in on Uganda, a country that has one of the highest unmet need for contraception. The goal of the film was to mobilize support (from members of national parliaments, international donors, and manufacturers) for reproductive health supplies. The film team was invited to participate at the 2010 CNN African Journalist Awards ceremony in Kampala, Uganda.