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Wrote about Google design sprints. Example of an article (about a sprint ran by a Canadian ed-tech startup) published on Google Ventures Medium. Jake Knapp, the author of Sprint, tweeted about it. 

Role: Writer (well, ghostwriter)
Client: New Haircut


"When Mentorina, a start-up based in Montreal, came knocking on our door (by which I mean they gave us a call) to discuss an adaptive learning platform, I was excited. Both of my kids go to public school, a fact that gives me countless headaches. This, of course, will surprise no one: the American education system is riddled with problems. Now, adaptive learning has been touted as a way to address key issues like student-teacher ratios and low graduation rates. It uses automated teaching to “adapt” the educational content (and to assess the mastery of that content) to each student’s needs and abilities.

As the guy who runs New Haircut, a software design and development firm that uses GV design sprints to take on big challenges, I immediately knew Mentorina was a great candidate for such a sprint. First and foremost, because their end goal was ambitious: Mentorina wanted to develop a platform that would one day potentially fix the public education woes. Second of all, because the founders were stuck. They went through all the trials and tribulations of starting a company and were trying to avoid another mis-step."

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