Man Tears


Man Tears


Men cry four times less than women do. I made a health and fitness web app to help men cry more in order to close the gender crying gap.

Created in collaboration with Elizabeth Ferrao, Mickey Liao, Beverly Mah,  Nehemiah Markos, Natalie Wee and Johnathan Weisner. 

Role:  Concept, Writer, Producer

Speed Settings

Users can rate their cries. 


We also created a Twitter account featuring images of famous men crying as well as quotes by men about crying. 


Project Background:

Inspired by the 2016 presidential campaign. Developed during the NYC Comedy Hack Day hackathon, a weekend-long event that brings together developers, designers, writers and comedians to develop technology that address social issues such as sexism, racism or bullying in a comedic way.  This idea  was one of the 22 selected for execution (out of 90+ pitched). Concept, tagline, writing, and UX strategy are mine.