I am a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY with a less-than-traditional background. Let me explain.

I hail from Lipova, Romania, a place that Wikipedia erroneously describes as an important tourism centre in Western Transylvania. I got my first job when I was 9 in my mom`s flower shop. It was not my dream job (that job was actress) but it was an okay job. I made bouquets, arranged the display windows, and helped sell the candy that was nearing its expiration date. 

I have worked many jobs In the two decades since. Some were jobs through which I wanted to change the world: a three-months stint monitoring campaign spending and elections in rural areas in Romania, a job coordinating the production of two international advocacy documentaries. Others were jobs that helped me put my sister through college or pay for things like medical bills. And then some were jobs that entertained my claim that I am (or could be!) creative: a job in a kitchen where I used expensive knives and ruined expensive truffle broths; a job in an advertising agency where I worked too much, just like the heroes of my youth did in movies.

There were times when I felt my career was on a roll (here I was writing a press release alongside a member of the Ugandan parliament hours before our documentary premiere at the CNN Africa awards in Kampala; here I was emailing David Byrne and Marc Ribot about logos and their website strategy; here I was interviewing Martha Stewart`s favorite photographer). There were also times when I felt my career had taken a million steps back (I was doing intern tasks only weeks after I led a team through a successful $1.8M pitch). But, no matter how unpleasant the task, I learned new things: writing and editing a brief, running a photo shoot, cooking a restaurant meal, managing a budget, preparing a pitch, doing casting, scouting locations for a video.  

When I thought I had grown enough muscle, I decided to go freelance. It was a scary decision but I wanted to work on projects I loved with like-minded partners. If we ever work together, just know that skills are not the only thing I have. I also have a bunch of stories (like this story about sending a movie script to Quentin Tarantino when I was 9). Last but not least, I have an Instagram-famous cat. So I hope we`ll work together!